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A day in the life of a librarian (r2) – Friday

August 1, 2009

So the week is at an end and so is this round of the Library Day in the Life project. The following is an account of my day on Friday 31st July:

07:00 – the usual morning routine; shower, tea, breakfast, feed the cats, catch the bus.

08:30 – arrived at work and checked personal email, Twitter and Facebook

08:45 – remapped the library staff network drive which I lost last night and sent out a reading list to a student. The only email to arrive overnight was to say that my mailbox is full so sorting that out was my first task of the day.

09:00 – desk duty. Only 4 books to shelve today. I took the stack returns down to the collection point.

09:30 – head count: 9

09:40 – the printer problem from Wednesday evening was back again; it’s sod’s law that all the hardware breaks down when theses are due!

10:10 – the LMS went down and so did University webmail

10:45 – the LMS came back up as I was going on my break. I checked in two previously returned items before I left. Over my break I checked email, Twitter and Facebook and caught up on sports news and checked the 5 day weather forecast – looking bad for my trip to the sea next week.

11:05 – back on the desk, rebooted self issue which had gone down as a result of the LMS downtime. Received a parcel of goodies; well pens, pencils and leaflets about a new database, from ProQuest.

11:30 – head count: 21

11:40 – discovered a problem with our Datastream software. Received upgrade instructions from the vendor.

12:10 – lots of requests for past student projects this morning, back and forth to the stacks.

12:40 – rebooted the self-issue again. LMS downtime was caused by a major power outage at computing services. Lots of rebooting of servers going on.

13:00 – lunch (same as yesterday). Looked at the cricket for the first time today. Australia 203-8. Best quote from TMS (Test Match Special) inbox “This is a collapse of English proportions!!” from David in Gerards Cross. Listened to the end of Filmspotting podcast that I started on the bus this morning.

14:00 – rearranged the piles of papers on my desk. Tried to resolve issue of upgrading Datastream by installing it on my PC. That worked so planned to try again with reader PCs later in the afternoon.

14:50 – answered a few BLA emails re: posting database deals on the website.

15:00 – demo of Perfect Information database

16:00 – break; email came through while doing the demo that my CILIP membership has been processed. Messed about in Commuities section of the CILIP website during break.

16:15 – tried to update Datastream on reader PCs but don’t have the admin rights.

16:30 – wanted to read a few chapters of Developing Information Leaders: harnessing the talents of Generation X by Marisa Urgo but got caught up locating an article for someone. Had a quick chat with my manager about use of library team email group as opposed to generic library email address and responsibilities for reading lists.

17:20 – left to catch the bus home. Home about 18:15, ate tea (pesto pasta) and received Sainsburys delivery, our first foray into online grocery shopping. Couldn’t settle so we decided to walk in to town, approx. 6 miles, along the tow path to get some ice cream – crazy I know but the ice cream at G&D’s is well worth it. The walk took a little under 2 hours. Caught the bus home around 22:30.

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