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A day in the life of a librarian (r2) – Thursday

July 30, 2009

The following is written for the Library Day in the Life project. It is an account of my day on Thursday 30th July.

07:00 – as Laura’s on leave this week I’ve been getting up at 7. When we’re both heading out for work at the same time and there’s a fight for the bathroom the alarm usually goes off at 6:30.

08:30 – I got on the 07:50 bus and was in work by 08:30. I popped to M&S at the station to get some fresh milk – due to staff leave I’m milk monitor for the week! Back at desk checked personal email, Twitter and Facebook.

09:00 – shelving, I did about 10 books. There were probably only 20 total.

09:05 – emailed database supplier and supplier liaison officer about publicising a trial through BLA

09:15 – meeting with manager – they tend to be ad hoc, I often pop in to her office throughout the day to discuss things. Talked about my role and where she sees it going; much more focus on learning about the subject – sounds interesting. Started to investigate potential training events. Made some decisions about what pre-course services we can offer the new intake.

09:40 – emailed course coordinators about said pre-course services.

09:50 – answered emails, set up meetings for next week, looked at timetable for effective literature searching course running at beginning of term.

10:25 – coffee + RSS feeds

10:45 – wrote policy document on library marketing and communications.

12:00 – lunch (humus, pitta and carrot sticks) – popped in to town to buy birthday cards for colleagues. That’s 3 in 2 weeks.

13:00 – desk duty! As it is so quiet I took the opportunity to re-organise my files. I inherited so much paperwork when I took on this role but haven’t had a chance, or the inclination, to really go through it and decide what to keep and what not.

14:30 – desk update: 2 requests to add printing credit, unjammed the printer 4 times, asked IT to replace duplexer in printer to stop jamming problem, showed someone how to renew their books online.

15:00 – head count: 26. Yet another remote access issue, problem accessing Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization. Wrote an email template for all staff to use when answering these queries.

15:30 – break. RSS feeds – read this article from the Guardian

15:50 – returned to the desk. Received some stack books back from reader. Someone came to pay fines for a friend. Helped a man to use the door – he pushed the button to get out and then was waiting for something to happen!

16:30 – head count: 23

17:15 – the person on evening shift had lost track of time so changeover was delayed. Managed to leave about 17:30 and head off to catch the bus home. Lunatic bus driver had trouble with the brakes and sent us flying on a number of occasions.

18:30 – arrived home to find Laura sitting on the stairs with a cat on her knee. Put tea (left overs from sausage and bean stew) on to cook while I had a shower.

19:30 – after eating I put the second coat of varnish on the shelves in the garage, Laura had done the first coat earlier. A quick check of the emails, Facebook and Twitter and now I’m writing this post. Going to sit down at 21:00 to eat ice cream and watch The Inbetweeners on catch-up.

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