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A day in the life of a librarian (r2) – Wednesday

July 29, 2009

Here’s an account of my day on Wednesday 29th July for the Library Day in the Life project.

08:00 – the best thing about working the late shift is the leaisurely morning it affords you. Today I woke up at 8, made myself a cup of tea, fed the cats and returned to bed to start A Venetian Reckoning by Donna Leon. Since visiting Venice earlier this year where I was given a Donna Leon mystery to read I’m working my way through her back catalogue. I got up around 9 and moved to the sofa to eat breakfast and watch another episode of The Wire. I’ve looked back at the last week I chronicled for this project and there’s a lot of mentions of The Wire there too. Then I was on season 2, now it’s season 4.

10:00 – showered, dressed, did a few jobs in the kitchen and packed my stuff for the day. Left the house around 10:45 and caught the bus into town.

11:25 – stopped at the station on my way in to work to buy train tickets for the upcoming BLA committee meeting. I think I saw Jeanette Winterson.

11:40 – arrived at work, checked personal email, Twitter, Facebook

11:50 – checked work email, wrote a to-do list for the day.

12:05 – taking the post down to the post room I noticed that there was a screw loose in the door frame which was jamming it open – not a good sign when access is only available to those with a swipe card. I removed the screw which was really mangled and asked maintenance to replace it.

12:15 – chatted to manger about copyright and how there’s little information on the subject available for academics. One of the tasks I’ve been putting off is writing something on copyright for staff, she’s now going to take this on – yay!

12:30 – dealt with some database issues

13:15 – after a day away from Captivate yesterday I had to spend some considerable time on it this afternoon.

15:00 – renewals screencast finished and sent to team for feedback. Next time I do this remind me to leave the hardest one til last! Time to get started on reservations screencast – should be a lot simpler.

15:40 – covered the info desk during staff break. Checked library calendar for next few weeks and synched with my own. Topped up someone’s print credit – the only contact I had with anyone whilst on desk. Watched online tutorial from CASS looking for tips for my own.

16:00 – returned to the office thinking I need to do some work on my use of my calendar and to do lists – I haven’t found a solution that works for me yet.

16:15 – break time. It’s been reaining all day so I treated myself to a coffee – unfortunately it tasted like it was made with cream not milk, bleurgh. Checked my personal email, and Facebook.

16:45 – resolved a longstanding remote access issue for student trying to access ebooks.

17:00 – out to the desk. On my lonesome tonight due to staff leave. On a Wednesday there would usually be two of us here til 6 then me from 6-7. Spent most of the evening tidying up loose ends and writing induction plan.

17:20 – issued stack books to a reader; when she returned them I had a momentary yearning to do some research but I think it’s just a desire to have some time where I can actually get some reading done.

17:30 – head count: 23.

17:35 – problem with the b&w printer cannot be fixed by our IT team. I put an an out of order sign on it for overnight with the promise they’d switch it out in the morning.

17:45 – read library RSS feeds

18:05 – checked team webmail; replied to student with remote access issue. There seem to be a lot of these lately. Returned to my induction plan.

18:30 – head count: 21.

18:45 – just one visitor in the library this evening who came to claim his card well in advance of kicking out time.

19:00 – closed up the desk and left on time.

20:00 – home by 20:00. Laura had returned from visiting her mum and she was cooking Toad in the Hole for tea. We’ve eaten and are now sitting watching junk on TV whilst I write this post.

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