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A day in the life of a librarian (r2) – Tuesday

July 28, 2009

Day 2 of the Library Day in the Life project. Here is an account of my day on Tuesday 28th July 2009:

07:00 – no noisy cats this morning, I woke up to the alarm and not a minute sooner. It was gloriously sunny out which always helps me get back on the bike.

08:10 – I left on time (07:30) but there was a strong headwind so arrived at work a few minutes later than usual. After a shower I checked my personal email, Twitter and Facebook.

08:45 – answered some work emails mostly for BLA (Business Librarians’ Association), a group which I am web officer for, before heading off to LibStats training.

09:30 – LibStats training was “interesting”. LibStats is a new web based system being brought in for next year’s library stats collection. I’m not sure it was necessary to have an hour long training session for this. An online tutorial might have been better but as far as I can see it’s a simple system which anyone could pick up and use without training. I didn’t have high hopes of the training and this was compounded when the demo failed because too many people (20) using it at once made the system crash.

10:15 – on my way back to the library I helped a couple moor their narrow boat. They really didn’t have a clue what they were doing – I’m not sure people should be let out if they don’t know the basics.

10:40 – a quick coffee and a few turns at Scrabble.

11:00 – I had no responsibilities on the desk today but had lots of enquiries this morning. Here are a sample: exporting data from ORBIS, accessing market reports, loan extensions for students on placement, access to past projects.

12:30 – lunch (humus and roast veg baguette). Finished the ongoing Scrabble game – I won! Bought some carrot and walnut cake to have with my afternoon tea.

13:00 – returned to my desk to do some stuff online technically still on lunch break but found it difficult to avoid being drawn in to discussion of what stats we should be collecting, how this has been done in the past and how we want to do it going forward.

13:45 – sorted out a VPN issue for a student on placement who needs it to log in to one of our market research databases. Answered a few more emails.

14:25 – hit a wall, a cup of tea helped me through it.

14:30 – scanned some documents to send out to placement students. Today seemed to be a day for solving remote access issues.

15:00 – began to plan contents of induction packs. We’re completely overhalling our induction sessions for the new year. Work on it today involved designing a business card for the library.

16:15 – working on an updated floor plan for the library to go on the website and noticeboard.

16:35 – I learnt how to replace the receipt roll in the self issue machine. I think this was my greatest achievement today!

16:40 – caught up on library RSS feeds

16:55 – tidied my desk and cleared my in tray

17:15 – home time. Unfortunately sunglasses were not needed for cycle home.

18:25 – stopped at Sainsburys on the way home to pick up cat food; never mind that there’s little human food in the house so long as the kittens are fed eh?

19:00 – dinner (sausage and bean stew) and an episode of The Wire. I plan to watch In Bruge later – I’m in late tomorrow so I can afford to stay up late!

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