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A day in the life of a librarian (r2) – Monday

July 27, 2009

Here we go again playing along with the Library Day in the Life project. I am a Senior Information Librarian in the business school at the University of Oxford. What follows is an account of my day on Monday 27th July.

06:00 – Jem woke me up perping (she doesn’t miaow, or even squeak, like normal cats) around 6. Hoping she’d eventually get bored I dozed until the alarm went off at 7. After a lovely sunny weekend the rain has returned – I’m glad I had an excuse to catch the bus. I got a slightly later one than usual and arrived at work at 08:30.

08:30 – Technically I don’t start work until 08:45 so my day usually starts catching up on private email, checking Twitter and Facebook.

08:45 – it was my turn to open up the library which involves switching all the lights on, setting up the information desk, collecting books for reshelving and collecting the newspapers. During the vacation there’s not much to do to get ship shape in mornings although with fewer staff in as a result of holidays shelving took a while.

09:20 – I started the day proper answering emails; a few access queries, some BLA (Business Librarians’ Association) account queries and providing information about a new printing/copying system we’re getting for the new academic year.

10:00 – had an interesting discussion about remote access as a result of issues accessing e-books off campus. For everything else students are prompted to log in to their accounts when off campus but for some reason links to e-books from the catalogue have not been set up this way. This leaves us with a problem of how to link to e-books in reading lists?

10:15 – time out to read an article from Friday’s THES – “Who should be buying books – undergraduates or their libraries?

10:20 – spent 20 minutes on the info desk covering staff breaks. Absolutely nothing happened!

10:45 – took my break; well grabbed a coffee and had a quick check of Twitter before making a call to chase down the requestor of a Freedom of Information report that turned up earlier in the morning addressed only to the School with no specific department or person mentioned.

11:00 – I answered a few circulation queries from the desk and met with my manager to discuss the new printing/copying system, a bookstall for the start of term and some upcoming training sessions. Booked myself on said training sessions; Librarians as Consultants and LibStats.

12:00 – so it was 12 before I finally started on my main project for the day – creating screencasts to demonstrate how to renew and request books online.

13:00 – Lunchtime. Having been away over the weekend there was no food in the house to make a packed lunch so I bought a tuna baguette from the common room. I continued “the longest game of Scrabble EVER” held over from last Tuesday!

14:00 – back to work I collected the inter-library book delivery and returned to the screencasts.

14:45 – took a quick look at the library’s Facebook page which was set up this morning. Looking for some good applications and working out which RSS feeds we want to link to page. Once again back to editing the screencasts in Captivate.

15:40 – I find when working with Captivate I need to take breaks fairly often so I tinkered around with admin rights on OxItems (the University’s RSS feed publisher) trying to add a new author; alas I don’t have the permissions so sent off an email to get things sorted.

15:55 – time for a cuppa accompanied by JISC’s video on Microblogging

16:10 – back to the screencasts.

16:30 – finally solved my FOI mystery and spent 5 minutes trying to find the culprits pigeon hole! Why are they not alphabetical?

16:40 – back to the screencast for the last few minutes of the day.

17:00 – I left a little early today (usualy finish time is 17:15) so I could get home and eat before hockey. Tea was filled pasta and tomato sauce – I seem to revert to my student ways when I’m home alone.

19:00 – blogged my day and now off out to hockey. I’ll update you later one the result…

Update: we drew 3-3. It was not a particularly pleasant match for the last game of the summer but I survived.

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