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The great Facebook debate

March 23, 2009

When my Facebook homepage changed last week at first I was optimistic. Amid status updates from friends calling for Facebook to revert to the old layout my status read:

Getting to grips with the new homepage. So far so good – and I’m not seeing double any more!

and then

Am I the only one who actually quite likes the new Facebook homepage? No more duplicate posts and less likelihood you’ll miss something new.

and finally

Don’t know if it’s the new homepage or my increasing interest in Twitter that means Facebook just doesn’t do it for me that much any more.

When the changes happened I was very keen to give them a chance, not to just subscribe to the campaign of hate immediately. However, as time has gone on I really feel that I was completely wrong in my second update when I said “less likelihood you’ll miss something”. These days I’m finding more and more things that I haven’t seen.

I think my last update is the most telling though – I’m definitely using Facebook less since the changes but I honestly can’t tell if that’s because I’ve started using Twitter or because of my dissatisfaction with Facebook. I’m inclined to believe it’s the latter as for me Twitter and Facebook serve completely different purposes and I interact with different groups on each.

So where next for Facebook. There was a great uproar when the new tab layout was introduced to the profile page but that all seemed to die down and everyone just gets on with it now. Will this happen in this case? I think it’s very unlikely that Facebook will completely revert to the old style and I’m worried by the final choice suggested by Ben Parr on Mashable. The one and only thing I like about the new homepage layout is its simplicity. Please don’t bring back more stuff and clutter it up again.

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  1. March 23, 2009 16:43

    I’m so tired of hearing people crying about the new Facebook, kudos on sticking to it.

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