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Twitter – applications

March 8, 2009

Following my recent post, Twitter – the basics, here’s a follow up with details of some applications you can use to make posting to twitter and organising your tweets easier.

iPhone/iPod Touch applications

This is the application I’ve been using on my iPod Touch. Download it from the iTunes store. It’s easy to set up and has a clean and simple interface. It highlights new tweets in your timeline and new @replies.

This was the first application I used when I got my new iPod but I had trouble getting it to show just the tweets from the people I was following.

Not tried yet

Not tried yet

Alternatives for other mobile devices (BlackBerry, Windows Mobile)

Desktop clients

Provides the basic functionality to let you read and publish tweets from your desktop. This client also allows you to group the people you are following and create searches so you can receive tweets matching your selected criteria.

Allows you to cross-post your tweets to other sites such as Facebook and MySpace, post images to Twit Pic and create and save searches using Twitter Search and TweetScan.

Further reading

How to use Twitter on the go from Mashable

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