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Gmail – multiple inboxes

February 15, 2009
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Last week Google launched multiple inboxes in Gmail. What an exciting new tool this is; it allows you to divide up your incoming messages yet still view everything in one screen. To use this feature you must first enable ‘Multiple Inboxes’ in the ‘Labs’ tab of your Gmail Settings. Once you’ve done this you can create new inboxes in the ‘Multiple Inboxes’ tab by placing is: in front of any label or category, e.g. is:starred or is:family.

For me this tool has proved invaluable for splitting off my hockey emails from my regular inbox. To do this I set up a secondary inbox using my pre-existing label ‘Hockey’. I then set up a filter which automatically applys the label hockey to any message from my team mates and also automatically archives them. The auto-archive is very important so that the conversations don’t appear in both my regular inbox and the label’s inbox.

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