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A day in the life of a librarian – Friday

February 8, 2009

The following is a description of my day on Friday 30th January…

06:45 -up and at ’em. You can probably guess the routine by now; shower, breakfast and out of the door to catch the bus.

08:25 – if there’s one thing writing up the details of my week has taught me it’s that I am bound by routine. I get to work, I check my personal email then open up Outlook and begin the work day checking what new things have come up overnight.

09:00 – it’s my final desk duty of the week and bound to be another quiet one. I get a few requests to help find/reserve/renew books and some printing and photocopying credit purchases. I finalised the new guide template and sent it to the team for approval. Updated the induction checklist and finished the induction timetable for our new member of staff starting on Monday. My final task before lunch was to deal with a few access queries for a database survey we’re running.

13:00 – an hour for lunch gives me plenty of time to run into town to do a couple of jobs – I bought a new pair of work shoes and some light bulbs! Picked up a yummy lunch from Mortons (lemon pepper tuna baguette) which I ate at my desk.

14:00 – I’ve had the latest issue of Managing Information on my desk for over a week now. As I like to leave my desk clean and clear on a Friday night I could ignore it no longer. I read this, CILIP Update and Gazette and caught up on my professional RSS feeds.

15:10 – my meeting about Capital IQ with my trainee keeps getting postponed and is now set for Monday. To be sure I’m ready I wrote up my notes from the refresher I did and produced a quick tips guide.

16:30 – the guide templates I sent out earlier finally got their moment; I spent a good half hour trying to justify the design decisions to a colleague. In the end I decided that whatever I produced would not have gained her approval and took the overall opinion from the team which is that considering we had no real branding before and no consistency in our guides that these new templates were pretty good. What is of most concern to me is that the longer we spend trying to agree on a design that suits everyone in the team it delays us producing any new guides which are much needed.

17:15 – before leaving I did a quick check round to make sure everything was set for our new member of staff. To markt the end of the week I met up with Laura and a couple of other librarians from our organisation to have dinner (at Pizza Express) followed by a Cookie Monster at a local ice cream parlour.

21:30 – we made it home and washed down dessert with a cup of tea before bed.

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