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A day in the life of a librarian – Thursday

February 6, 2009

The following is a description of my day on Thursday 29th January…

07:15 – it’s another late shift for me today. I woke briefly around 07:15 to say goodbye to Laura and decline the offer of a cup of tea.

08:30 – I finally managed to rouse myself and sat in bed doing some jobs on the laptop.

09:00 – I got up, showered and popped to the shop for some groceries. Got back with just enough time to watch episode 6 of The Wire whilst eating breakfast.

11:05 – left home to catch the bus to work.

11:45 – no sooner had I walked through the door at work was I back in discussions about our loans and renewal policy. As the debate rumbled I caught up with email that had come in during the morning.

12:20 – we’re doing some training next week for the staff in the Careers department where they each have to learn about one of our databases and then present to the rest of the group how their given database can be used to help with a careers research. Each member of careers staff has a mentor from the library to help them with the task. Before my meeting with my trainee I take some time to refresh my knowledge of our given database, Capital IQ.

13:30 – after my database training I spend some time making updates to the various intranet sites the library manages and update a few reading lists with new details.

15:15 – whilst covering the staff break on the helpdesk I pick up a research enquiry from a member of staff in the development office; to find some brief bio details for an MD at BMW. What at first seems like a simple task takes me most of the rest of the day!

17:00 – having recently changed roles in the team I’ve got a fair bit of paperwork to go through and lots of things to sign. Whilst doing this I get involved with yet another branch of the loans/renewal debate which this time including our policy on weeding offprints.

18:45 – closed up the library and went to catch the bus home. In the bus queue I met a student and passed a pleasant journey chatting about music and the University’s lgbt societies.

20:00 – on arriving home I helped Laura with dinner, ate and washed up.

21:00 – rounded off the evening with an episode from the final series of ER followed by the repeat of the evening’s Benders (Eastenders) episode.

22:30 – read a bit in bed before lights out.

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