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A day in the life of a librarian – Wednesday

February 5, 2009

The following is a description of my day on Wednesday 28th January…

06:45 – today is my first normal day at work this week. I get up, shower, eat breakfast and get out of the house by 07:45 to catch the bus. A typical journey into town take 20-30 minutes. You can add at least another 10 during rush hour. So I usually get into town around 08:30.

08:35 – I’m first in at work. Switch on the lights in the library and office computers on. My routine in the mornings when I’m in before 08:45 is to check my personal email before opening anything up for work.

08:45 – it’s my day to open up the library today. This basically involves collecting in all the books left on tables overnight, making sure all the computers are on and set to the login screen, clearing the printers and stocking them with paper and opening up the helpdesk.

09:05 – I have a quick meeeting withmy boss in which we set priorities for the next week or so.

09:40 – my main task this morning is to work on the library branding so that we can get going with the new set of library guides. I’m intermitently interrupted with questions from the desk and IT issues to resolve.

12:00 – I’m on the helpdesk this afternoon so on an early lunch. I eat a tuna salad sandwich and catch up on my RSS feeds.

13:00 – the library is pretty quiet for my shift on the desk except for a few membership registrations and queries about finding/reserving/renewing books I spent the majority of my desk shift working on the induction timetable for our new member of staff , reorganising my files and discussing our loans policy.

17:00 – after coming off the desk I dealt with a few lingering email queries from earlier in the day and left around 17:15 to catch the bus home.

18:15 – Wednesdays need a quick turnaround because Laura’s out at choir. After dinner I settled in to  the regular evening chores; washing up, emptying the cat’s litter tray and on a Wednesday emptying the bins.

19:30 – I called my folks to make some arrangements for their visit in a couple of weeks while sending out my team list for Saturday’s hockey match.

20:00 – Wednesday nights are my TV nights – today I watch episode 5 of The Wire and then the repeat of last night’s episode of CSI.

22:15 – Laura arrives home from choir, we had a cuppa and caught up with each other’s day.

22:55 – I only managed a couple of pages of my book before sleep caught up with me.

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