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A day in the life of a librarian – Tuesday

February 3, 2009

The following is a description of my day on Tuesday 27th January 2009…

07:00 – I awoke to the sound of the vacuum – the cats had done some digging in the pot plants overnight! I had the day off today because we’re having a new front door fitted and as is the way with tradesmen they’ll only give the most vague time slots. I went downstairs to help clean up the mess the cats had made, grabbed a cuppa and returned to bed to read for a while.

08:15 – finally managed to drag myself out of bed to shower. I ate breakfast (museli with peach yoghurt) while watching episode 2 of The Wire.

09:45 – while I had some spare time I decided to work on a new design for library guides, emailed a few alternatives to the Librarian for approval and updated the designs to include her suggestions. I replied to hockey emails regarding team selection for the weekend and pottered around on Facebook chatting to a few friends. I’ve been letting my RSS feeds stack up in Google Reader the past few days so I took the opportunity to catch up with them whilst waiting for the door man to arrive.

12:00 – the man arrived on the hour to fit the new door. I made a cup of tea for us both and sat down to read Empire. After a spot of lunch I was back on the computer to catch up on a few jobs.

14:30 – the man finished the door, I settled up and refurnished the porch.

15:00 – time for two more episodes of The Wire before starting on dinner.

17:00 – I tidied the kitchen before making tea (spicy sausage pasta), Laura arrived home and we ate. Tuesday nights are always a rush as I have to be out at hockey within an hour of getting home, tonight was a bit more relaxed.

19:00 – had a really good training session at hockey – hopefully it will set us up for a win at the weekend.

21:30 – arriving home after training Laura was already on her way to bed so I showered and read in bed until lights out.

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