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A day in the life of a librarian – Monday

February 2, 2009

Last year Bobbi Newman who blogs over at Librarian By Day started a project which involved the folks who work in libraries blogging about their daily activities. Well it’s happening again and I thought I’d get involved.

For me it’s a very interesting exercise as I’ve recently started a new role as Senior Information Librarian in the same library I had been working at since July 2007 as Information Assistant.

The following is a description of my day on Monday 26th Jauary 2009…

06:45 – I get up at the same time everyday, unless I’m working a late shift which starts at 12. Today is a bit of an anomaly as it is my turn for a late but I need to get up at the usual time to take one of the cats to the V.E.T! After seeing Laura off to work around 07:15 I shower, eat breakfast and check my personal email.

08:30 – phone the vet to make an appointment for Jem. The only slot they’ve got is 10:15. I had arranged to go in to work for 11 this morning for a meeting about the library intranet site but I have to reschedule. There’s just enough time to squeeze in the first episode of The Wire Season 2 before packing Jem into the car for the dreaded trip.

10:15 – the vet confirms Jem has a urine infection and starts her on a course of antibiotics. When I get her home I move all the furniture out of the moon shed (it’s a kind of conservatory) into the garage so the cats can live in the moon shed while they’re home alone. This is a necessary action because while Jem is unwell she’s decided not to use her litter tray.

11:00 – I finally leave to catch the bus to work. I usually cycle but since Christmas the weather has been too unpredicatable so I’m stuck with the bus. It takes around 30 minutes on average.

11:30 – the first thing I do everyday when I get in to work is check my email. This morning there are a few access queries from distance learners which I respond to straight away.

12:15 – I got called out to the helpdesk to answer a database query for a student, I had to take this away and investigate further as it was not a database that I had ever used before – I got to the bottom of the problem after trawling through the site’s help pages. A member of staff dropped in to the office to request information on business directories.

13:30 – I fired up the libraries laptop to check remote access to e-journals for distance learning students, a task which always takes longer than it should.

14:20 – I’m still currently doing some of the work I did in my previous role as a replacement has not yet been appointed so I marked up a reading list with library holdings information.

14:50 – answered database queries sent to the research support email.

15:30 – our helpdesk rota has one person working the desk with another as cover to support through busy times and work the desk during staff breaks. While I covered this afternoon the library was busy but for the most part people were getting on with their work and didn’t require my help.

16:00 – back in the office I set out to tidy up in anticipation of the arrival of a new member of staff next week. Had a quick coffee and then get called to the desk to help during rush hour when the undergrads got out of lectures.

17:15 – while attempting to solve a problem with the library’s public calendar in Outlook I got invovled with a discussion about our weeding policy.

18:00 – I worked the last hour of my shift at the helpdesk and closed the library for 19:00. I ended up leaving a bit late as inevitably a student needed help calling up a book from the stacks just seconds before closing time.

20:00 – I caught a slightly later bus home and got in just on the hour. Laura had dinner (Hearty red bean stew and jacket potato) waiting for me. We ate while watching an old episode of Friends followed by the first in a new series of 90210 just for fun.

22:30 – I try and read a chapter or 2 in bed before lights out. I’m currently reading Robert Tressel’s The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists for book club at work.

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  1. July 4, 2010 17:23

    Hi. I randomly found your blog and found this article to be very well written and a fair review. I have now added your blog to my feed burner account so will be kept up to date with your new articles on cane furniture and various other types of indoor furniture – I’ll be back! Thanks, David

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